Adarl is the name given to the world as a whole, a corruption of the Old Draconic word for “Big Rock”. Though the world itself is massive and with many points of interest, our focus is on the western areas of the Turalashian Sea, that great inner ocean around which many peoples have settled down and the open flat lands of the Elves, Sabalaien. Much of these lands had fallen under the sway of Desinos the Conqueror, responsible for spreading Skloan culture and peoples across these regions.

With the death of Desinos the Conqueror, his short lived empire fragmented into a multitude of kingdoms and other nations, each seeking to overpower the other. Conflict and shifting alliances are common as each seeks to take advantage of their neighbor or protect themselves from their more greedy foes. Mercenaries, known as Hardboots, can be found in great numbers across much of Turalashia and rarely lack for work.

This is the age of Heroes. Those who possess skill, perseverance, dignity, and likely a good deal of luck. A Hero need have the wit and intelligence to not only make battle, but end it as well, often being called upon to solve various issues that plague the people. However, Heroes may not necessarily be morally upright. Martial skill and glory is all it takes to make a Hero. One may find a Hero leading the sacking and burning of a town just as likely as they are to find one defending said town against the attack. Heroes have sprung up across Turalashia since time immemorial, but now they find purpose more than ever.