Waukeen's Die

This die is well used, the faces on it's sides nearly worn away.


Power (Daily) – Minor Action. Target a creature of your choice within 10 squares. Roll 1d6.
1. Drunkard’s Mug. The target takes a – 2 penalty to all attacks until the end of your next turn.
2. Lucky Card. Roll 1d20. On an even number, the target takes damage equal to the number shown on the dice. On an odd number, they are healed for the number shown on the dice.
3. Jester’s hat. The target falls prone.
4-. Soldier’s Fist. The next attack to hit this target deals an extra 2d6 damage.
5. Lunord’s Blessing. Target is healed for 2d10.
6. Storm’s Fury. The target and all creatures adjacent to it are struck by lightning and take 1d10 lightning damage.


(( Needs a history ))

Waukeen's Die

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