Despite attempts to standardize coinage across the land, there remains a large variety of coinage. Among Adarl there is what is called “Common Coin”, types of currency that are generally accepted by merchants across the land. The most commonly seen of the Common Coins are from Orisia. The old coins widely circulated by the Elves in the Golden Empire are also still widely used and typically are considered Common Coin.

This isn’t to say that the currency of other places aren’t used however. Typically these coins will be taken at weight value or, if possible, exchanged for the local area’s currency.

Golden Empire:
During the reign of the Golden Empire, the Elves instituted a standardized currency in an effort to increase trade. There were four main coins.

Reel: A small, tin, bar-shaped coin, often marked with the Elvish letter for “D” on one end. On the other end would be a small hole through which a number of them could be threaded together.

Oblen: A pewter (silver alloy) coin, roughly the same size of a Reel, but flat and wide. It is stamped with an image of a tree in front of a mountain, homage to Harlinde.

Edlan: A white gold coin, larger than an Oblen. Rectangular in shape and stamped with the face of the most recently deceased regent of the Golden Empire.

Manil: A fairly rare coin. Bar shaped, much like a Reel, but the same size as an Edlan. Made of a gold and platinum alloy and stamped an elvish “D” as well the seal House Moone.

The Cormerian Confederacy uses a standardized currency system as established during the height of the Nerath Realm. All of the coins are stamped with the symbol of the goddess of the Corwe River on one side and a portrait of the ruler of Cormeria on the other.

Ashke: A brass coin, roughly square shaped.

Sestershi: A plain coin made of iron, roughly square shaped. Along with the Ashke, the Sestershi is the coin most commonly dealt with amongst the lower classes. Due to this, they are often found with holes punched into them so they may be threaded together. This practice was introduced after heavy contact with peoples using the Elves’ currency. Many conservative Cormerians disapprove and may even refuse to take such coins or offer lower value for them.

Dinarius: A square shaped coin made largely of gold. This is the most common form of coin amongst those dealing in higher values.

Talens: A brick made of gold. This form of currency is rarely used except when dealing in very large amounts.

Although the city of Niarivell still deals quite often in Elven coin, the official Orisian currency is the standard.

Drab: A small, triangle shaped piece of copper. Typically bears the image of sailing ship on one side.

Noble: An oval shaped coin made of a silver alloy. Typically bears the image of a sailing ship on one side.

Royal: A round, white gold coin. Bears a profile image of the current regent on one side.

Crown: A round, thin coin of platinum. Bears either the current regent’s profile or an image of Waukeen.



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