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Dragons were one of the first creatures created on Adarl after the conflict between the two Overgods, Ao and Asmodeus. They were tasked with destroying or imprisoning the Titans and crazed Elementals, remnants of that great conflict. Over time the dragons came to see themselves as the wardens of the world. Thus, when the Elves began to change the world (and in the dragon’s eyes, at least) destroy it, they took it upon themselves to destroy or imprison the Elves as well. The Elves did not take too kindly to this and proceeded to wipe out over half the population of dragons on Adarl over the course of 1000 years in an event known as the Dragon Wars.

Today, dragons are rather rare, with only a handful actually being strong enough to be worth mentioning or remembering their names.

Artetsu the One Eyed

Bevarth the Swift

Daleth the White

Rugarthin the Voiceless

Soreth of the Forest

Umbarlok of the Mountains



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