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  • Pydurlo

    Pydurlo, the never conquered. All that remains of the culture of the Nerath Realm, lies in Pydurlo. The strong military, the welcoming attitude towards all races, the refusal to ever give up, these are traits that made Nerath great and the people of …

  • Freetowns

    Freetowns are those cities, towns and villages who belong to no kingdom or other higher statehood. They are usually created when their regional power has died off or is no longer strong enough to provide for them. On occasion freetowns begin as such and …

  • Chalbek

    A city known for its horses and the constant skirmishes of its landed nobles.

  • Dodone

    Dodone is a city under near constant assault by cold mountain winds. Dodone is famous due to its proximity of the Dodone oracle, supposedly the oldest and most trusted oracle in Adarl.

  • Harlinde

    Former capitol of the Golden Empire, Harlinde was destroyed in a large magical explosion. Theories abound as to what caused the explosion, but the prevailing one involves a large buildup of unused magic and incorrect usage. It has since been rebuilt and …

  • Nimritharl

    Meaning "Last Bastion" in High Elven, Nimritharl is the current capitol of the rump state that remains of the Golden Empire.

  • Phusasia

    Capitol of the Phusasian Kingdom, Phusasia is built near the ruins of Sune, a city infamous for betraying the Skloan for the protection of the Golden Empire and leading to the empires domination of Dor'Thellar for many years.

  • Kalimara

    A trade city on the coast of the Mensala Savanna known for its white walls and strict theocracy.

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