The Camlandings is the region of land in the far North Eastern corner of Adarl, behind the Kharbola Mountains. The Camlandings is a land made up of several small baronies and Freetowns.

The land consist largely of gentle hills, farmland and light forests between the small settlements that dot the region.

The Camlandings is primarily populated by Bjuyvik, though Half-Orcs and Shou are not uncommon here. Low Elves and Gnomes can be seen less occasionally.

The Camlandings were once ruled by the Eleven Kings of Elam.

Hytia and Tobbris are popular divines in the Camlandings. Bread Giving Day is celebrated across the entire region and it is fairly common to see small temples dedicated to these two Divines. Shrines to Aptia are common sights along the roads, as well.

Camlanding traditions are at first glance, rather typical to most Human cultures on Adarl. They are however, slight differences, which may throw off many newcomers to the area. Renewal Day





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